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The Wrestling Trolls website includes lots of features that can be enjoyed without submitting any information at all – the game can be played as a guest, uploading images to the gallery and downloading finger puppet cut outs. But, in order to customize your wrestler to play the Slamdown game, you’ll need to make an account. If you are under thirteen years, you’ll need to ask your parents’ permission to sign up. It’s very important that you choose a username that is not your real name. If we think you have used your real name we will email you and ask you to pick another username. Once we have your details, we will never share your information with third parties.


In order to make a profile on the Wrestling Trolls website and choose a specific wrestler, your child will need to submit an email address to register. If they are under 13 years old they will have to ask your permission to do this. When making their profile they will be asked to create a username for the site – please ensure they do not enter their own name. Once submitted, a confirmation email will be sent with their login and a password. They will have the opportunity to change their password to something easier to remember, but please ensure they pick a password that is secure. The best passwords consist of a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, upper case and lower case letters.

Please be aware that there is no part of the site where users can communicate with each other or make friends with each other.


You do not need an account to do the challenges and upload images. Including your email address is optional but you must have permission to submit that if you are under 13. We would use the email address to tell you about new Wrestling Trolls books and maybe even have Jim send you a fan letter – but nothing else. When you upload something, you might get a little free surprise like a downloadable finger puppet of Big Rock! Any content submitted to the site will be moderated by a vigilant human before it goes live, in order to ensure all content is appropriate for the audience.

The Wrestling Ring Emails

If you have opted in to receiving Wrestling Trolls updates from us when you registered, we will email you occasionally to let you know about exciting things that are happening on the website. We will only ever email you about Wrestling Trolls and will never pass your details on to any other parties. We will email you updates a maximum of 6 times a year.

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The Wrestling Trolls website may include links to other sites that are not under our control. Such other sites do not necessarily follow our privacy policies. If you have any concerns regarding privacy issues, please email us on web@hotkeybooks.com.


Our website uses cookies to enhance your experience. Cookies are small text files that are safely stored on your computer. They allow websites to do clever things like remember if you’ve asked to stay logged in. We also use cookies to find out how people use this website so that we can make it even better in future. These cookies don’t contain any personal or sensitive information.

Hot Key Books

The Wrestling Trolls website is run and maintained by Hot Key Books, a children’s book publisher.  You can find out more about us at www.hotkeybooks.com. Please note that the author Jim Eldridge works with Hot Key Books on this website but is not responsible for the content and maintenance of the site.