We’re very excited to tell you that Wrestling Trolls has been picked by Pizza Hut Restaurants as one of the books in their Book Club!

That means, if you go and have dinner in a Pizza Hut Restaurant between March and June, you will get an activity booklet packed with fun activities and Wrestling Trolls is one of the books in the activity booklet!

It also means that if you book a birthday party with Pizza Hut Restaurants, you’ll get the chance to chose a free book – one of which is Wrestling Trolls!

And you can even pick up a voucher to get Wrestling Trolls amongst other books half-price in WHSmith! Troll-tastic, hey?

I wonder what Big Rock’s favourite pizza topping would be? Most likely rocks. With some added moss perhaps. Crunchy.

To find out more visit: www.littlehutters.co.uk/bookclub